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Use the power of a soft credit pull to learn more about your customers! By sending a targeted survey, you can collect valuable information that you can use to make sales specific to your shoppers!


Then, use your survey results to target offers directly to your customers with customer profiling. For example, a combination of a Polk score and income can help you send the right info to the right people.

Pull information from your customers

When you choose the Bass Events Real Property Profile, you can get all the information you need about a client to make sure they get the perfect information for them!

See the power of real estate

Collect the information you need to connect with the right customers today.


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Get to know what matters to your customers

Why advertise generally when you can advertise specifically?

You know who you want to shop with but do you know who your customers actually are? With the power of customer profiling from Bass Events, you can get to know your clients from the inside out.

Call today to see what the information you can collect will do for you.