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The information you need to do business

Truly effective advertising starts with a focused analysis of your market's parameters before launching a strategic messaging campaign. With Bass Events, you'll get the demographic database you need to help you and your potential customers find each other.

Target the customers that are ready to buy. With us, dealerships have the option to sort and filter their potential customer base by:


-Credit rating

-Household income

-Radius around dealership

-Registered vehicle owners

Target the right demographics

Providing you with the most up-to-date and useful database information is the cornerstone of our market analysis service. Target your customers with the most accurate information available and take your sales to the next level with us.

Let us take care of the details

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Target away!

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With market analytics, you can target the right customers with each and every campaign.

Why send broad emails and mailings when you can target the right people for you?