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With variable data printing from Bass Events, you can get the help you need to personalize mass mailings. Instead of asking customers to come to your event in a generic way, why not call them by name? Our high-tech equipment can target your campaigns quickly and easily for maximum effectiveness.

Chose from one of our direct mailing products and let us target your potential buyers using our database resources.

-  Gift card mailers

-  Foldalopes

-  Laminated wallet cards

-  Snap packs


Customize any of our products

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Let us help your dealership put its best foot forward with variable data printing.


Form a sales relationship before your customer's reach the lot

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Reach your potential customers

What are you more likely to read:  a flyer that shows up in your mailbox that's addressed to "Current Resident" or a customized postcard that calls you by name? With Bass Events, our managed databases will bring your message directly to your clients with the personalization you need to stand out from the competition.

Effective advertising starts with knowing your buyer. With Bass Events, the power to reach them the right way is right at your fingertips.